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First trip in the show ring for grandson, Gabe Knowles.


Gabe lives in Flagstaff, AZ.  Guess who is proud?


More than accomplished the objective of getting in and out of the show ring without an escape or other train wreck.  Nice job. Gabe!

Isabelle Knowles [our granddaughter], 7 1/2, from Flagstaff, AZ.


First time in the show ring and she remained cool and under control when calf performed a couple of jumps.  She may be a "cow whisperer" as animals are really comfortable in her presence.  This calf had been weaned just two weeks.


We left home at 5am, were at the fairgrounds at 830, in the ring at 900 and back on the trailer at 1030.  A good crash course for everyone involved.

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